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We work with Chicago businesses to develop strategies to solve your financial puzzle. From helping you to increase profits and cash flow, boosting tax savings, gaining larger returns, or resolving financial issues – Our Experienced Teams keep more money in your pocket.

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Abundant Returns Tax and Financial Services’ team of public accountants is ready to help individuals and businesses in the Chicago, IL area file their tax returns. With over 200 years of cumulative experience, our tax professionals know how to use the tax laws to limit your tax liabilities and increase your tax refunds. If the possibility of paying minimal, or even ZERO taxes intrigues you, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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Enrolled Agents are highly trained public accountants who are certified to work with the IRS on behalf of clients. If the IRS is auditing your income taxes or you have outstanding penalties and interest, our Chicago, IL tax professionals can help you. Avoiding these confusing and time-consuming obligations only make the problem worse. Let us take some of the stress off your plate by dealing with the IRS for you. 

Abundant Returns’ tax services include: income tax preparation for businesses, tax preparation for individuals, tax consulting, and tax resolution. Our team of tax professionals are experts in tax law. They know how to make the tax codes work for you, decreasing your tax liability and increasing your tax refunds. We will even review your last 3 years’ tax returns to look for missed write-offs. 

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Whether you are a small business or an individual, you will benefit from having your taxes prepared by a tax professional at Abundant Returns. Our public accountants will look over your information and use their knowledge of tax law to make sure you take advantage of every write-off possible, as well as use our tax software to verify your taxes are done properly. Reach out to us today to get started using our tax return preparation and accounting services in Chicago, IL.

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If you want to limit your tax liabilities and maximize your tax refunds and benefits, you need to make strategic tax and financial decisions for your business. Tax planning will help you utilize strategies from the tax code that are completely legal for anyone to use when filing their taxes.


Tax preparation

Our team provides business and individual tax preparation services, adapted to your needs, throughout the Chicago, IL area. Our tax preparation service is designed to limit your tax liabilities as much as possible. Many of our clients pay absolutely no taxes. Yes, they pay $0 in taxes.


Tax Resolution

Reach out to our team today so we can work through your situation and help you find relief from the IRS in Chicago, IL. Crippling back taxes and penalties only add up to make matters worse. We ensure you don’t go through this process alone.

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Professional Tax Services in Chicago, Illinois

If you are in need of tax preparation in Chicago, IL, Abundant Returns can help you. Whether you are just starting a small business and need help with tax planning or have been in business for decades and need tax preparation services, we can help you. Our tax professionals know tax law. Let us do what we do best so you have more time to focus on your business, knowing that you are in good hands..

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From entity creation, consulting, tax services, and bookkeeping. We can help you every step of the way. When we say full-service, we mean it.

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Our team members enjoy working with clients who are building successful businesses that concentrate on growth and development. We stand by our work and welcome further auditing and second opinions because we KNOW our team has covered all the based to keep more money in your pocket.

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5-star reviews

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A major benefit of choosing Abundant Returns as your full spectrum tax and financial professionals is you gain access to our full team of highly experienced CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Business Consultants, Financial Experts and staff that can assist you. Our professional team members enjoy working with clients who are building successful businesses that concentrate on growth and development. We stand by our work and welcome further auditing and second opinions because we KNOW our team has covered all the bases to keep more money in your pocket. Our founder, Larisa Humphrey, built this company on a strong foundation of ethics, accuracy, and honesty. As an IRS Enrolled Agent she has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a rigorous three-part test on tax law for individuals and businesses.

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"I saved $429,000 in my first year. This was the best business decision I ever made."

- John D.

"I have been using Abundant Returns Tax Services for years. They are the best. You should give them a try. I am sure you will agree."

- Mark K.

"Very helpful. I feel that they saved me the most money possible. They also gave me advice for the following year in order to save even."

- Katherine H.

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