Payroll Taxes Generally Fall Into Two Categories:

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Deductions From An Employee’s Wages

The first kind are of taxes those that employers are required to withhold from employee’s wages, also known as withholding tax. These taxes cover the advance payment of income tax, social security and medicare contributions, and various insurances, like unemployment and disability. These taxes are paid to the federal and state taxing jurisdictions and are available as refunds.

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Employer Paid Per Employee’s Wages

Income taxes withheld from payroll are not final taxes, they are prepayments. Employees must still file income tax returns showing how much tax they actually owe after write-offs, in order to claim the amounts withheld as payments. The second kind of payroll tax is a mandatory tax employers pay because they employ workers. These taxes can be fixed or be proportionally linked to an employee’s pay.

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Benefits Of Business Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is the first step in any accounting firm’s process and possibly the most important one. Bookkeeping services for small businesses will compile all financial data – from sales to payroll – and turn them into easy-to-read statements that are ready for future review. At Abundant Returns, our top-notch customer service makes your life easier. We help you manage these areas, explaining them, and keeping you informed of your progress. We’re always here, ready to help and make sure you understand your financial statements so you can make well-informed business decisions. As a full-service financial firm we are here to help large and small business owners with accounting services, tax filings and payments, and business consulting services.


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