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Grow Your Business

Abundant Returns’ small business consulting services help you to develop your business strategy. Our qualified team of small business consultants will help you save time and money by providing specialized advice, working with you to navigate increasing workloads, and plan with you for the future of your company.

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Develop Your Future

Abundant Returns business consultant and project management team works with small business owners to develop their business and marketing strategies. We are the sounding board for your new ideas and directions. Perhaps your thinking of opening a second location, our small business consulting firm will run the numbers with you. We help build your business plan to best fit your company’s long term goals.

Rely On The Experts

Our small business consultants work with you to develop business strategy, planning, and problem-solving. We work with you to enhance your business skills and knowledge, and help you to determine which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. Our top priority is helping you develop and grow your business using our expert knowledge and experience. Our consultants act as a neutral party to provide your company with an outside perspective about what is going wrong and where you can improve.

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Benefits Of Business Consulting Services

When a small business owner focuses on creating a new business approach, it can take up significant amounts of time and eventually could affect work performance. Even then they may not know for certain that the plan will be capable of achieving their business goals. With Abundant Returns’ professional business consultants, we will help you develop the right business plan to match your particular requirements, as well as your budget. We use our knowledge and experience to help your business grow.


Gain an External Perspective


Save Time, Money and Stress


Effective Use of Resources

Our team has
Over 200 years of experience

A major benefit of choosing Abundant Returns as your full spectrum tax and financial professionals is you gain access to our full team of highly experienced CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Business Consultants, Financial Experts and staff that can assist you. Our professional team members enjoy working with clients who are building successful businesses that concentrate on growth and development. We stand by our work and welcome further auditing and second opinions because we KNOW our team has covered all the bases to keep more money in your pocket. Our founder, Larisa Humphrey, built this company on a strong foundation of ethics, accuracy, and honesty. As an IRS Enrolled Agent she has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a rigorous three-part test on tax law for individuals and businesses.

Don't just take our word. Our clients will tell you.

"I saved $429,000 in my first year. This was the best business decision I ever made."

- John D.

"I have been using Abundant Returns Tax Services for years. They are the best. You should give them a try. I am sure you will agree."

- Mark K.

"Very helpful. I feel that they saved me the most money possible. They also gave me advice for the following year in order to save even."

- Katherine H.