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Taxes don’t have to be a mystery when you understand the difference between tax filing and tax planning. In fact, you can actually use the tax code to CUT thousands and even millions off your tax bill!

With these solutions, it doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible to take charge of your taxes and pay as little as legally allowed!

Taxes continue to be the single biggest expense for business owners and entrepreneurs. Most business owners don’t realize there are dozens of ways to save on taxes hidden in the tax code. In this book, America’s Top Certified Tax Coaches investigate and solve the problem of high taxes by sharing dozens of write-offs most people have never heard about!

Learn to identify the clues in your own business that can save you thousands:


  • Identifying the Top Ways to Use Your Business to Shelter the Majority of Your Income
  • Using Tax Strategies to Write off Your Favorite Things—Like Wine & Travel!
  • How to plan for Estate Tax That Will Minimize or Eliminate This Most Devastating Tax!


You’ll also find helpful checklists and action items to start slashing your tax bill as early as next month!