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Skip your next payment!  Create enough tax savings using write-offs to skip your next tax payment to the IRS?  America’s Top Certified Tax Coaches share dozens of write-offs you’ve never heard about.  Taxes continue to be the single biggest expense for small business owners.  What most business owners don’t realize is their business is the ticket to endless opportunities to reduce their tax.  Using business tax planning strategies opens the door to the possibility of paying very little tax.  In fact, some strategies are so powerful, it is possible to live a completely tax free life!  Uncover the secrets of wealthy business owners like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have used for years to pay less tax than their secretaries!  This book will teach you how to slash your tax bill:

  • How to Deduct Children’s Expenses (like soccer cleats and private school)
  • Why Your 401k May Be Plotting Against You
  • The Secrets to the Zero-Percent Tax Bracket
  • Beat Rising Medical Costs-Beyond Health Savings Accounts
  • Avoiding the Single Most Expensive Tax Mistake
  • Win the Game Without Breaking the Rules
  • Avoiding an Audit by Playing Fair

You’ll find helpful checklists and action items to start slashing your tax bill as early as next month!