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Why Choose Abundant Returns Tax Resolution?

  1. We understand.  We know what you’re going through. Conflicts with the IRS are frightening and intimidating. We help you get the confidence you need in your position to get a satisfactory resolution.
  2. We know what we’re doing. We’ve worked for the IRS. We know their procedures, and we know how to communicate with IRS agents so that we can get consensus—and a path to move forward.
  3. We help you look at all your options. Whether it’s a payment plan or a challenge to how the IRS has interpreted your case, we’ll help you understand all options available to you, and their potential benefits and downsides. Then you can make a solid, informed decision.
  4. We work hard. We understand—and greatly appreciate—the trust you have put in Abundant Returns. We’ll keep earning your trust every day.
  5. We don’t pull punches. We help you evaluate all consequences from your tax situation, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep. You’ll know what direction you want to take after meeting with us.
  6. We put you back in control. Dealing with the IRS can make you feel like you have no power over your situation. That’s not true. We show you where you can take charge and work toward a fair, comfortable solution.