Larisa Humphrey

I started Abundant Returns Tax Service back in 1991 after seeing on TV that Ross Perot, then presidential candidate and CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, paid less than $2000 in personal income taxes! I just couldn’t believe it because…I made $35,000 that year & paid more than $4000 in federal taxes alone!!!

I paid MORE THAN DOUBLE the taxes a Billionaire paid!!! I was flabbergasted to say the least.

“He’s a billionaire,” I kept saying to myself. “How is it legal for me to pay more taxes than a billionaire?”

I kept tossing it around in my head. I just couldn’t believe it. I worried about how I was going to pay the rent. I struggled to buy a bus pass every week. I had to make “arrangements” every month to pay my utility bills.

My grocery budget was $15/week and I was paying more income taxes than a billionaire? It made absolutely no sense to me. It still makes no sense to me…more than 20 years later!
(If I think about it long enough, I still get mad.)

This was an “a-ha” moment for me—a life lesson that shattered my very sheltered view of reality. I learned two very valuable lessons—
• Life is not fair and
• People can live tax free!

So I got busy.

I took several income tax preparation courses. I read hundreds of books on taxes. I’ve prepared thousands of tax returns. I worked for the IRS and a local tax office. I learned about taxes and how to use the tax law to my advantage. I learned how to live “tax free” like billionaires do.

Now I’m ready to share that knowledge with you so you can
“Keep More Money In Your Pocket” too.

Larisa is an IRS Enrolled Agent. She has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a rigorous three-part test on tax law for individuals and businesses. Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. This means Larisa is licensed to practice before the IRS just an attorney. She can help with all types of tax matters, including tax resolution, audits, appeals, negotiations and representation.