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Former IRS Employee and Best-Selling Author Larisa Humphrey, CTC, Owner of Abundant Returns Tax Service, has created The Ultimate 4-Step Action Plan exclusively for 6-7 figure business owners using IRS-Approved Tax Strategies that save Business Owners $50K-$100K and more in taxes every year LEGALLY!


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I ended up with refunds exceeding $80,000!

I was paying taxes each year exceeding $50,000 and needed to know what to do to insure the highest deductions. I was referred to Abundant Returns by a colleague. They looked at my situation, and went back and re-filed 3 years of tax returns that resulted in refunds exceeding $80,000! As a result, I was able to build a building to house my practice and produce rental income as well as hire additional professional staff. They helped me to arrange my business affairs in a way that allows me to continue to save money on my taxes. I love my relationship with Abundant Returns. They look for ways to save and get me money. I am very happy with their service.

–Dr. Heather Allen, DDS Snellville, GA