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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Deborah English
Abundant Returns has great service and a friendly staff. Larisa is very knowledgeable about tax strategies for small businesses. I also used Larisa to set up my LLC. Awesome service!
Juliana Booker
I have been going to see Larisa at Abundant Returns since 1999 for my personal taxes. Abundant Returns formed my S-Corp in 2006 and they've been doing my business taxes ever since. I will not go anywhere else.
Jerris Madison
Abundant returns has educated me on tax laws and tax benefits that meet my needs. I'm proud to call them my accountant. And, they have AMAZING customer service!
Marvell Nesmith
I am very pleased with the personable staff at Abundant Returns Tax Service. This is my 10th year having the company complete my personal taxes. I started a new company and Abundant Returns is also providing the company with bookkeeping service. They offer all in one services, just what you need.
Adrienne Jones
Larisa Humphrey and her staff are very professional and made sure that they searched for every single deduction that we qualified for. Owning a Home Based Business qualifies us for deductions you normally wouldn't get. I tried filing our return the previous year before going to Abundant Returns and gee whiz I missed quite a few things. But no more! We will continue to put our trust in a team that knows what they're doing. We are so glad that we found Abundant Returns and we are looking for many more years to have our taxes prepared by the staff.
Michael Orion Carter
Abundant Tax Returns and Larisa Humphrey has done such a wonderful job for me year after year! I have complete confidence in her knowledge of tax law and, what a relief it is to have her on my side.
Daphne Pruitt
I have been going to Larisa for over 10 years now and i can honestly say she is the woman. She really understands taxes, income, expenses, and deductions. She takes the worry and hassle out of having my taxes done. It is always a pleasure to work her and I will continue to go to her forever. If you have not been to Abundant Returns, you should. You won't be disappointed.
Shirley Askew
I was referred to you in a Tax year when my taxes had been done incorrectly and I owed both State and Fed governments lots of money. You were able to realign my income, find omitted deductions and save me thousands of dollars. I have sent your list of deductions and referred your company to many family members and friends. Thank You :)
Kym Lofton
I have been a client of Abundant Returns for many years, and I HAVE to say that I am very, very pleased with the service that I have received in the past. I highly recommend this service to any and every one. And, they definitely go by their motto " WE KEEP MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET"
Michael Harris
Abundant Returns is professional and friendly. They really care and want to see you get everything back that you are due. I will recommend Abundant Returns to my family members and close friends.
Ruth Gravey
We will never use Turbo Tax again!!! Trying to save money my husband and I tried to complete our returns with Turbo Tax and were appalled at the amount we were going to have to pay. Finally I remembered that many of my coworkers highly recommended Abundant Returns and we were blessed to meet with one of Larisa’s tax preparers. She was so knowledgeable about business vs. personal returns and we actually received money instead of writing a check. Thank you!!!

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  • Tax Planning –Take home more money, Get out of Debt, Pay $Zero Taxes!
  • Bookkeeping – How is your business doing? Do you understand what your financial statements are telling you? Information gives you the power to grow your business! Our services allow you to meet IRS requirements that all businesses have a system to track the income and expenses of your business!
  • Payroll, W-2 and 1099 reporting for your employees and contracted work
  • Forming Corporations & LLC’s to protect you and provide the best tax advantages
  • Tax Preparation and Filing for current and previous years – Maximize your Refund!