Bookkeeping Information Sheet

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Bookkeeping Information Sheet
*Client Name: *E-Mail Address:

1. How many businesses do you own? Please indicate name and industry (e.g. Medical, Real Estate etc.)


2. Account Information:

a. Number of business Checking account(s):
b. Number of business Savings account(s):
c. Number of business Credit Card(s):
d. Loans or Lines of Credit. How many?

3. What method will you use to send in (3) months of Statements from each account?


4. Bookkeeping Requirements:

a. If you had your books previously prepared by an accountant, please submit your most current Balance Sheet
b. If you are a mid-year transition, please include
□ (3) Months of Bank, Credit Card and Loan Statements to date
□ Profit & Loss Statement to date
□ Monthly Check Register, Transaction Listing or Description for each transaction on Bank
and Credit Card Statement (indicate what was purchased, if a transaction is personal and
not business).
c. If you used your personal accounts for any business related transaction, please provide a list - by month - showing what was purchased and how much paid.
d. If your business has fixed assets please list below e.g. Trucks, Major Equipment, Office Furniture, Computers, Printers, etc. (Please add a sheet if necessary)

Item Description Date Purchased Cost Price
e. Do you have a loan schedule showing the payment breakdown of P & I? Please submit copy.

5. Payroll:

If you have payroll, please submit W-3 summary for the reporting year or quarterly payroll tax returns for current year.

6. Are you signing up for Payroll Service with ARTS? YesNo

If yes, please ask for our Payroll Information Sheet.

7. Do you need Tax Returns prepared?

a. Business income tax return
b. Personal income tax return
c. Sales & Use tax return
d. Business Property tax Return

*Electronic Signature:
Upload all necessary documents:
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