If Your Refund is Delayed…

If your federal refund doesn’t arrive in your account on the anticipated date, you will need to contact the IRS to find out what happened. If you filed your return eletronically, your should expect your refund in 10-21 days and you must wait at least 72 hours to... read more

#1 Mistake Business Owners Make

Not Paying Yourself is the biggest Mistake Business Owners Make. When you run a business, you must deposit ALL business income into your business bank account. (Please don’t stuff it under your mattress!) You should use this money to pay your business expenses. You... read more

Tax Changes for 2013

What are the tax changes for 2013? As the new year rolls around, it’s always a sure bet that there will be changes to the current tax law and 2013 is no different. From health savings accounts to retirement contributions here’s a checklist of tax changes to help you... read more

Obamacare – What it means to you

Obamacare (aka The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA)and The Affordable Care Act(ACA)) This is not a comprehensive guide. This is meant to be a snapshot of the provisions that will affect you directly. There is still more to learn about Obamacare and... read more

How to Create a Mileage Log

Protecting Your Mileage Deduction If you are going to claim a deduction for mileage, you must keep track of the number of miles you drive for business. Most people don’t do this and try to figure it out at the end of the year. This is not a good idea. It’s inaccurate... read more

Using Your Business Bank Account

The following information is based on IRS guidelines. Your business must have its own bank account. The IRS requires proof of payment so Pay All Business Expenses using Business Accounts (Check, Credit or Debit card, Bill pay, Auto Draft, ACH) Don’t Pay for business... read more